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Preceptor Appreciation Month

As the Nutrition Ink Dietetic Internship Program moves along we have learned one valuable lesson. There is no one more important to our program than our preceptors. Experts in the field who take our wonderful interns under their wings. They donate their time and their knowledge so that our interns will not only be prepared to pass the RDN Exam with flying colors, but become successful registered dietitians.

We asked a few of our interns to to share a few words about their preceptors...

"Preceptor, mentor, expert, friend, supporter, teacher, selfless, giving, expanding, sharing, caring...

These are all words that to me, define my experience with my preceptors. When I first became an intern I thought it would be technical skills I would learn mostly, however I have found it has been the inverse. Being an intern has required humanistic and interpersonal skill growth. I have not only discovered weakness in myself, but I have used these rotations that pointed out areas of vulnerability, to catapult me into a woman with grit, complexity, and a vision.

All of my preceptors touched me in very valuable ways. A higher power really did bless me with these wonderful recent preceptor saw in me something I had cast to the side. The idea I could still go for my dream position, getting into an OR, assisting with surgery...and after her belief in me I decided to go for it. Her simple affirmation changed my whole vision to one that truly is my dream. PA school here I come! Thank you amazing preceptors for being a part of my life."

Lindsay K. Johnson

BS Health Management & Exercise Science

BS Nutrition Sciences

“Tammy Basile is a very compassionate, selfless, and dedicated RDN. She leaves lasting positive impacts on on her patients, and treating them as if they were her own family members.”

“Ashley Allison is a challenging preceptor in which she pushes the intern to perform at his or her highest limits and brings out the best characteristics of the intern to bring to the Dietetic practice.”

Erinn Pascua, B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics NIDIP Dietetic Intern

"I am so grateful to be working alongside with such fun, hard-working, and kind preceptors who genuinely want to help their interns grow into knowledgeable, empathetic Registered Dietitians, a huge character trait every RD should learn and understand the importance of when working everyday with clients/patients."

Danielle Maina

NIDIP Dietetic Intern

We appreciate everything you do, your time ensures that the future of the field of dietetics is bright.

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