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Let's Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About

Graphic by: Fabulous Arizona “Autumn shows how beautifully it is to let things go” – unknown It’s finally Fall which means it is officially the time of year for cozy sweaters, deliciously smelling candles, cool temperatures, and PUMPKIN SPICE. Now we all know pumpkin spice gets a lot of attention, but is it good for you? It seems like every-day there is a new pumpkin spice item that comes out. This includes cereal, Oreos, crackers, creamers, breads, and the ever-popular lattes. Don’t get me wrong they all taste delicious but what exactly is it? Pumpkin spice has no actual pumpkin in it at all. WHAT? Hold on, pumpkin spice doesn’t even contain have pumpkin? It is a blend of spices that consis

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