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Catalina Health Fair 2016

Nutrition education is so important and at Nutrition Ink we love when we get the opportunity to work with the community. This week we were invited to have a table at the annual Catalina Health Fair.

Catalina Island is just 22 miles from the California coast and is a beautiful place to spend the day. We were very lucky to have Keely and Elsa, both nutrition students from Cal Sate San Bernardino, represent Nutrition Ink.

They put together a great presentation all about proportional meals and a healthy BMI. They brought a BMI machine so attendees could check their number right there at the event. They used food models and colorful visuals to explain the importance of making sure your plate is filled with the right amounts of proteins, veggies and grains. They also had a great display showing how much sugar is in some of the most common drink we ingest daily. Seeing that much sugar was truly shocking! They had great giveaways, including our Successful Survey Survival Kits! They had lots of handouts and even yummy healthy smoothie recipe cards.

Thank you so much Keely and Elsa for doing such a great job representing Nutrition Ink!

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