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Nutrition Ink can support your program with a wide range of services.  Explore the options, and then click the button below to be directed to our contact form.  A Nutrition Ink staff specialist will be in touch!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Relief RDN

Our food service and nutrition experts can be placed in your community for long term and/or short term coverage. 


Many of our RDNs have specialized clinical expertise and board certifications in Gerontological Nutrition (CSG), Renal Nutrition (CSR), Oncology Nutrition (CSO), or Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC). Our RDNs are trained & equipped with the knowledge of federal & state regulations for a wide range of facilities ensuring your needs will be covered fully within your community. We will make you survey ready.

Menu Services

Nutrition Ink is proud to offer a choice of 5 varieties of specialized menus.  Custom menus are also available.

Menus are delivered seasonally to assure incorporation of the freshest seasonal ingredients & are available via paper shipments or our unique cost-saving online MenuCentral™.

Cost Analysis

Having cost control issues? Concerned about budget control? We are here to analyze your dietary budget and help you get the most out of your budget while ensuring your dietary needs are met. RDNs conduct a comprehensive evaluation of dietary systems including: accounting and purchasing practices, food production management, supplement & snack use, & labor efficiency.

Risk Management and QAPI

Our experienced RDNs can perform mock surveys, assist with implementation of QAPI plans and help mitigate any potential survey risks for your resident’s nutritional care or food services during survey. Our most experienced staff will review major critical aspects of your facility's nutritional care & dietary operations to assure the highest levels of regulatory compliance. 

Food Service Management, DSS/CDM and DTR

Our Dietary managers can be placed in your community to oversee your Nutrition Services department’s operations for long term and/or short term coverage. Their expertise will ensure your dietary department exceeds regulatory standards.

Group purchasing

We are able to offer significant volume discounts and lower prices with our participating food vendors supplying straight to you. 

Professional Staff Training and Certification

With our Food and Nutrition Experts and integrated education systems your staff will be trained efficiently and thoroughly to ensure an outstanding food and nutrition services department. We offer online education, CPE courses, and ServSafe training & certification.

Wellness programs

Our food and nutrition experts will guide your employees to a healthier lifestyle. Your employees will learn how to eat healthier, fit in exercise, de-stress, and improve their overall physical health.

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