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Nutrition Ink's standard Residential/AL Facility Menu includes a range of therapeutic diets with recipe instructions.  Our 4-week cycle menus are written quarterly & include nutritional analysis for each diet.


The menu can be customized to your needs,and other diets can be added if you have an individual requiring it. There is an additional fee for specialized diets because of the extensive time required to modify the menu.  We will contact you to discuss your specific needs upon receipt of your order.

Residential/Assisted Living Facility Menu

  • Therapeutic diets - standard menu

    • Regular
    • Consistent Carbohydrate Diet (CCD/Liberalized Diabetic)
    • Ground
    • Chopped
    • Small Portion
    • Large Portion
    • Liberal Dialysis (Renal)
    • Heart Healthy



    • Include instruction for Ground and Chopped, as well as instructions for therapeutic diets listed above. 
    • Recipes are adjusted for your facility size to reduce waste.  Please indicate your facility size.
    • Recipes include HACCP instructions, individual recipe analysis, and allergen alerts.


    Also included:

    • Daily menu spreadsheets



  • We will calculate shipping charges and confirm the total cost with you upon receipt of your order.

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