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The Modern Diet Versus the Stone Age Diet

* the opinions expressed are those of the author and not Nutrition Ink.


Fuqiangu Liu, Jianjun Mu, Zuyi Yuan, Guanji Wu, Enqui Liu, Shuhui Zheng, Qiufang Lian, Keyu Ren, Haixia Xu. "High salt intake fails to enhance plasma adiponectin in normotensive salt-sensitive subjects." Nutrition Journal (2012): 422-425.


R Curtis Morris Jr, Olga Schmidlin, Anthony Sebastian, Masae Tanaka, Theodore W. Kurtz. "Vasodysfunction That Involves Renal Vasodysfunction Not Abnormally Increased Renal Retention of Sodium, Accounts for the Initiation of Salt-Induced Hypertension." (2017): 881-893.


Yanjun Wang, Xiangyang Liu, Chen Zhang, Zhenguin Wang. "High salt diet induces metabolic alteration in multiple biological processes of Dahl salt-sensitive rats." Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 56 (2018): 133-141. <>.

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