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National Kidney Month

We have another great article by our intern Dalila…. March is a very special month. You see, March is National Nutrition Month AND National Kidney Month! Today we are going to celebrate by going over some tips to help keep our kidneys healthy. Though our kidneys are small, they are mighty. We typically think of kidneys as just part of the body’s filtration system, but they are responsible for so much more. Kidneys not only eliminate waste, toxins, and drugs from the blood, they also… Regulate the body’s fluid balance and eliminate the excess Regulate electrolyte balance Balance the body’s acidity/alkalinity Help regulate blood pressure Produce hormones that stimulate red blood cell productio

HIV Care Conference 2016

We are so proud of Nutrition Ink team member Pooja Vyas. She was a presenter at the HIV Care Conference 2016 held in Los Angeles on March 14th. Pooja has worked with HIV/AIDs patients through Nutrition Ink and presented on the importance of nutrition. Great job Pooja!

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